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Email viruses continue to plague the Internet environment, costing companies time and money fighting infection. Some smaller businesses are left vulnerable to contamination, as they are unable to afford protection powered by large, established anti-virus solutions.

Cost concerns and fear of infection are no longer an issue! Now there is a lower cost, yet just as powerful, alternative. Our Virus Scanning solution is proven to keep your system secure from viruses, backdoors, trojans and other malicious programs.

HostSellers includes Anti-Virus protection with all hosted Email solutions for FREE*

Don’t let your business remain vulnerable to email viruses, launch Email Anti-Virus today and experience the advantages of a powerful solution:

• Avoid the costs associated with computer viruses, including computer repair, human resources and lost productivity;
• Save time by automating the virus scan process and employing one that is proactive in detecting infection before it spreads;
• Protect the security and integrity of your system.

If you would like your system to be protected from malicious viruses, and you want the service to be powerful, reliable and easy to manage, then Email Anti-Virus is your solution! HostSellers' bundled Email Anti-Virus will protect your system from malicious code and email viruses.

SIMPLE: It is effortless to setup and easy to manage. Located conveniently in your WebsiteOS under EasyMail, you can easily enable and disable the service without having to call your provider.

SECURE: Bundled Email Anti-Virus is powerful since it is driven by a program with a proven track record of protecting against all known and unknown threats to your computer’s safety.

PRO-ACTIVE: Protection is maintained by virus experts, working around the clock to monitor for new virus outbreaks and reacting to them in the shortest time possible. The virus files are updated hourly and more often if new virus threats emerge demanding an update.

RELIABLE: Bundled Email Anti-virus is meticulous and reliable. It scans every e-mail message and attachment and detects, disinfects and deletes malicious programs, such as mass-mailers, worms, macro viruses and Trojan Horses.

Anti-Virus Command Line Scanner Each individual file and directory tree is scanned for over 113,524 known viruses and their variants. The user is then alerted when an infected file is found.
Anti-Virus Daemon Scanner Scans individual files, which are submitted by an HTTP GET request and returns XML formatted reports on whether the scanned files were infected.
Anti-Virus Updater Automatic checks for new viruses are performed regularly, proactively protecting your systems from infection.
Anti-Virus Mail Scanner Extracts attachments and requests a scan, neutralizing or removing any threats, while preserving the original file.

*Pointing and Forwarding plans are not included.

Please note that our Anti-Virus solution is not meant as a substitute to your own Anti-Virus software running on your own computer or network. HostSellers does not guarantee 100% protection from Email Viruses and we offer our Anti-Virus solution for free as an added means of protection, working in conjunction with your own personal anti-virus solution.

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