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Spam Filtering

It's no secret that many Email users detest spam. Spam is a time consuming nuisance that nobody wants to deal with. It can infest your Emails, fill your mailbox and waste valuable server space.

Reduce time spent on junk Email by using the most demanded application on the Internet. HostSellers' Spam Filters are designed to destroy spam, not your Email. Our spam filtration system incorporates selected elements of SpamAssassin in conjunction with proprietary filtration software to provide the ultimate Spam Filtering solution.

HostSellers includes Spam Filtering with all hosted Email solutions for FREE*

HostSellers' Spam Filters provide the best in anti-spam solutions while you:

• Continue receiving good, legitimate Email
• Benefit from more current and effective filtering in two modes: normal and aggressive
• Activate and manage filters with unsurpassed ease-of-use

RELIABILITY: Spam Filter is more reliable and aggressive. Its new advanced technologies avoid black list filtration by learning and remembering legitimate sender profiles thus eliminating false spam screening. You will continue to receive the Email you want, while junk mail is eliminated. Plus, you benefit from more current and effective filtering in two modes: normal and aggressive.

SIMPLICITY: Spam Filter is easy to use because it works with HostSellers' EasyMail system. Simply login to your WebsiteOS or personal mail and perform a few simple steps to reduce your spam infestation.

Offers two filtration levels to assist with spam avoidance You can choose your own spam filtration aggressiveness
Provides a number of Email delivery options for Email flagged as spam You can eliminate Email identified as spam automatically or review it later
Ability to block a number of foreign languages You can avoid receiving Emails outside of your language of choice
"Always Allow List" provides you with the ability to receive Email that would potentially be classed as spam You can control and select which Email deliveries you will receive from external contacts
"Always Block List" gives you the ability to block specified Email from being delivered to your inbox You can eliminate annoying and time consuming Email from specified Email addresses and domains
Ability to recover any Email identified as spam You can review Email classed as spam to ensure proper delivery of those that are legitimate

*Pointing and Forwarding plans are not included.

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