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A Web Store with Reliability and Performance
If you need a reliable, basic e-store application that you can set up and use in minutes with no hassles and you’d like it free with your hosting plans*, EasyStoreMaker is your E-Commerce solution, it can get your business selling on the web faster, easier and cheaper!

EasyStoreMaker is a powerful E-Commerce tools that:
• Emails Autoresponders for customers- Help improve your customer service, thank your customers for their orders!
• Handles an unlimited amount of products and creates an unlimited number of SKU’s for easy tracking of your items- The more you have the more it sells!
• Product management- Let customers know that an item is new or on sale!
• Add images to your product listings- Show them what they are buying!


RELIABILITY: Operates on a clustered server environment that is both fully redundant and monitored 24/7/365. This allows for reduced downtime for improved productivity and lower costs.

EASY TO USE: Simply click on EasyStoreMaker in your WebsiteOS and enter your product names. In minutes, you can be up and taking live orders on the Internet for your products and services.

AFFORDABILITY: This application is FREE. Hard to believe but true for an e-store application that offers auto messaging to customers, all International currencies, local tax calculation and shipping & handling fees.

SIMPLICITY: If you have built a website with Website Wizard, you can implement your E-Commerce store with your website with a single click of a button. There’s also no merchant account required, instead, you are given a Secure Socket Layer where you can exchange credit card information in confidence. These advantages mean less hassle when setting up your account.

Features and Bennefits:
• Auto-verifies every order to your merchant email address
• Works 24/7 and notifies you of new sales
• 100% compatible with Website Wizard and all site builders. You can either add a store to your existing site or build a new one…in a matter of minutes!
• All International currencies are accessible and 100% functional in all markets
• Includes 2-tier sales tax calculator and shipping & handling charge function. This helps with compliance authorities and recouping all charges.

* Please Note: EasyStoreMaker is free with selected hosting plans only.

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