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HostSellers provides a full-featured professional Email application to effectively communicate online. No need to worry about maintaining servers, exceeding your storage limits or working around a branded sub domain. With HostSellers Email you receive either a 3 GB capacity storage mailbox (Business Class plans and Email Hosting plans) or a 1 GB capacity storage mailbox (Personal Class plans).

Our Email platform comes with all the functionality you’ll ever need to run your business securely and professionally including:
• Email announcer
• Autoresponder
• Global spam filter
• Unlimited catch-all and alias addresses
• Leave mail on server
• Webmail

HostSellers Email solutions provide you with a complete suite of tools that you need to communicate effectively online:

Email Announcer
Keep customers or visitors up-to-date with what's new and exciting on your website.

Save time and respond quickly to customer inquiries with pre-written messages to all or certain Emails sent to an Email address. This functionality is particularly useful for out-of-office messages, auto marketing, or support replies based on the content within any given Email.

Spam Filtering
Prevent unsolicited Email (spam) from reaching your mailbox. Every Email you receive is evaluated and assigned a point value by an automated filter based on the message’s headers and content. One of three things can be done with Email flagged as Spam: "Tag and Deliver", "Delete" or "Quarantine".
Learn more about our Spam Filters

Virus Scanning
HostSellers anti-virus protection is always up-to-date, constantly vigilant, and provides customers with round-the-clock, high quality protection against the threat of e-mail borne malware (viruses, worms, trojans, etc.).
Learn more about our Virus Scanning

Redirect improperly addressed Email messages sent to your domain to an identified catch-all Email address.

Set up unlimited marketing or department-based mail addresses that automatically forward to an existing individual’s account.

Access Email messages on a remote server without having to download them to a local hard drive. Perfect for professionals who travel and access their Email from different systems.

POP Mail
Access Email messages while offline by downloading and reading mail on your hard drive.

Access your Email in real-time while away from your office or your primary computer station. Fast and intuitive, HostSellers' Webmail is packed with all the communications tools you need like online calendar, task lists and advanced contact management. These powerful features make Wemail a perfect solution when on the road and a professional complement to common PC mail management programs.
Learn more about Webmail

Email Platform - Technical Overview

Clustered-Server Environment
HostSellers' Email platform is a proprietary mail system operating on a custom Linux kernel, in a clustered-server environment with a customized version of sendmail, that provides optimal performance for our innovative hardware configuration.

Our stringent virus scanning technology protects uers' Email and our spam filtration system incorporates selected elements of SpamAssassin in conjunction with proprietary filtration software.

This clustered-server environment is a "distributed system” — a non-centralized network consisting of numerous server nodes communicating with one another and appearing to the end-user as a single entity which provides Email and/or web hosting services.

HostSellers' Email platform has high fault-tolerance levels and system redundancy, allowing it to perform flawlessly even if several hardware components were to fail simultaneously. Our use of RAID technology in our storage architecture guarantees no data is lost.

HostSellers' Email platform is capable of withstanding the majority of Denial-of-Service (DOS/DDOS) attacks, with little or no loss in performance.

HostSellers' Email platform has been structured to allow for maximum scalability through the insertion of additional hardware, in parallel to our existing architecture, providing seamless integration with zero downtime and allowing for the deployment of additional hardware as the need arises, based on projected resource demand.

New or updated technology is easily integrated into HostSellers' Email platform. By taking advantage of system and resource redundancies, we are able to deploy updated hardware with little-to-no service downtime.

HostSellers' Email platform is monitored 24/7/365 by our highly-specialized systems administration team. Daily system performance audits and several proprietary automated monitoring systems ensure our mail system always runs at peak efficiency.

note: not all of the features listed above are available with all plans.

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