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ProStores™, an eBay® company, provides a suite of online store building applications that enables small-medium sized businesses to sell products and services online through a completely customizable virtual storefront at their own internet domain.

ProStores makes sophisticated E-commerce technology accessible to you through its easy-to-use web-based interface. Designed for users of any experience level, ProStores is packed with wizards and context-sensitive help that will assist you in building your store and setting up your back office functions such as shipping tables and tax calculations. No HTML or programming skills required!

This award-winning online store administration tool is designed for all user levels and requirements, and is perfect for merchants who want to accelerate the growth and profitability of their overall business, reach new customers, and extend their brand. It gives the user the power to control:

Store Management
ProStores comes complete with a set of wizards to simplify the process of building your customer’s store. Then, the browser-based administration interface provides access to an array of more sophisticated tools to maintain their catalog and inventory, manage accounts, create comprehensive promotional campaigns, handle order fulfillment responsibilities, and generate detailed sales and website traffic reports.

Customer Management
ProStores allows merchants to have complete management control. They can create a store manager with full authority and multiple user accounts to handle the normal day-to-day operations of running their store. Also, customer accounts can be set up to provide special customer pricing, customer content specialization upon login, and automated password lookup.

Catalog Management
Users can create categories, products, and attributes within ProStores using wizards, the ProStores administration interface, or the product import utility. Detailed product descriptions can be created using text and HTML and attributes can be assigned to products to allow users to identify their products´ characteristics more accurately to their customers.

Merchandising is the key to success of all stores and ProStores has the capability to implement a variety of programs to increase your customer’s sales. With ProStores users can associate complimentary products to give shoppers the opportunity to purchase others that are similar. Users can also create an upsale process when shoppers meet pre-defined criteria such as purchasing specific products, or exceeding specified dollar amounts. Pricing groups can be used in combination with select shopper availability groups to qualify them for discounts on any or all products in the store.

Order Fulfillment
Processing credit card payments is easy with ProStores’s pre-configured payment processing solutions from industry leaders. ProStores also configures multiple sales tax methods and provides store customers with multiple shipping options. Checking an order status is also simple with ProStores’s instant order email confirmations that are sent to both the merchant and customer.

Business-to-Business Sales
ProStores provides merchants with the ability to simultaneously run a B2B site in conjunction with their retail site. Special pricing can be implemented and purchase and department orders are facilitated. Sales tax can also be automatically waived for orders marked for resale.

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