Domain Names

Domain Names Policies

In addition to the Registry Policies (see side menu), the following policies apply:

(a) When you Register a domain name with HostSellers, we list YOU as the owner and Administrative Contact. This ensures that YOU always own and control your own domain name.

(b) Domain Name Registration/Renewal/Transfer fees are non-refundable under any circumstance. No warranties or guarantees made by HostSellers apply to domain name Registrations, Renewals, or Transfers.

(c) The customer is responsible for any errors made in the registration of the domain name. Spelling errors in the registration of a domain name are not reversible and the registration fees are non-refundable.

(d) There is no charge for free parking of domain names on HostSellers servers for those domain names registered with our company.

(e) The customer is free to transfer the domain name to another domain name Registrar, other servers or another service provider. If the customer wishes to move or transfer the domain name to another service provider, the customer or receiving service provider must make all arrangements for this move. Please note that there may be limitations imposed by the domain Registry. Please contact your Registry (ie: CIRA for .CA domains) to review their poliices and limitations.

(f) Domain Names are not registered or renewed until paid in full. HostSellers has no control over actions taken by the domain name registries if domain names are not renewed by paying in full on or before their expiry date.


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